Writing a mystery shopper report

The reviewer is not interested in you, only what took place during the review. Luckily, an experienced shopper filled out the report, so we know exactly what happened: Keep in mind that when you provide an excellent report, not only are you giving them what they expect, but you are also raising your status as a mystery shopper, and that can lead to good recommendations for future assignments.

You discreetly slipped into the restroom to jot important information on an index card. Here were 11 of the 25 questions asked in the report: Failure to do so will undoubtedly lower your grade or cause you to forfeit payment for your hard work. After my food was delivered, Connie did check with me once to see if I needed anything.

The big thing here was that I could have walked out of the restaurant and not paid anything -- and no one probably would have noticed. You may be surprised at the length of these mystery shopping reports specifically how short they are!

Report Writing Tips for Mystery Shoppers

The busboy seemed a little surprised and apologetic that I was not done eating. Stay on topic The client only cares about the job that they are paying you to do.

When I returned to my table, the busboy had already cleared it off.

Writing Samples on Mystery Shopper Applications

However, it is one of the ways that our shoppers stand out above the rest! She yelled at the busboy for clearing the table.

How to Write a Mystery Shopper Report

You may be surprised by the errors you can still find when you take a look at it with fresh eyes. For this retail shop, the shopper was asked to observe the dressing rooms and answer whether they were both clean and free from merchandise.

You wrote a report filled with fabulous details and filed it hours ahead of your deadline. Once inside the store, I was greeted immediately by an employee with a smile and a wave.

Mystery Shopper Report

And as always, thank you for shopping with RBG! Always explain your unchecked boxes. Read our blog post on Mystery Shopping Report Details to learn more.

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Or does it mean that it was both dirty AND had clothes left in it? I used my napkins and my silverware to move the plate around.Tips on Writing Narratives for Mystery Shopping Reports By Danielle Parks, Customer Impact Editor As an editor, I have come to understand that one of the most important parts of a mystery shopping report is the narrative that the shopper provides.

Writing reports is one of the most important tasks in mystery shopping, and as a shopper, you must be able to do it well. A comprehensive, professional, and error-free report is what most companies expect from a secret shopper, so it is important to learn the techniques that are key to providing that.

Keep in [ ]. Writing great mystery shop reports is a key ingredient in becoming a "go-to" mystery shopper. As a mystery shopper, you will find that completing the shops you are assigned to is only 50% of the equation.

Download Mystery Shopper Report. Numerous surveys tell us that the vast majority of dissatisfied customers don't complain. That may sound good but the fact is most just don't return - they just go somewhere else. Because mystery shoppers have an eye for detail, they notice a lot. However, not all of what they see needs to be in the report.

If you're hired to go into a store in a mall to make a purchase at a specific clothing store, stating that the mall parking lot was very full probably isn't needed in the report. Mystery Shopper Report Writing tips that will hopefully help you prepare a more appropriately formatted, complete report.

Writing a mystery shopper report
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