Writing a dance resume template

How to Write a Dance Resume

Seeking exciting performance position with lively entertainment company. Names of schools, colleges and universities including level attained, years studied, and your instructors. It is optional for a professional dancer to include references on their resume.

Alison Krejny Personal Dance Marketing 0 Comment Every dancer needs a resume, but not every dancer knows exactly what should be on their professional dance resume. Date of birth can feel intimidating but is preferred for most dance jobs. This includes your full name, phone number, email and address.

If you have a lot of different training, feel free to leave out unrelated experiences. Another optional section for professional dancers can be listing their choreographic achievements. About the Author To The Pointe specializes in dance marketing for studios, companies and professional dancers.

Repertoire and roles performed, as well as, year of the performance. These skills can include acting, singing, gymnastics, and stunt work. Stay positive and highlight your most compelling professional merits. Read more below to gain a deeper understanding of this sample.

Mistakes to Avoid Unnecessary Information: Remember to keep your resume focused on your skills and experience. The competitions can be ordered in chronological order, or in order of prestige, usually beginning with international competitions, followed by national and regional events.

Experience and Performances Next up on your dance resume should be any professional experience and performances. Some companies like to hire alumni from certain schools, others have no preference. Leave hobbies and the like out of your resume and save that information for the interview.

Here are a few skills worth noting: Next, the dancer has the opportunity to list their skills and expertise in various dance styles.

Creative Dancer Resume Template Guide

Students can include community or school performances to demonstrate their stage experience, and if the student has any experience performing with a professional company ex: However, make sure to format show titles correctly. Highlight your greatest achievements and necessary skills that will make you the best fit for whatever you are applying for.Do you dream of being a professional dancer someday?

How to Write a Killer Dance Resume

Beyond just dance skills, you’ll need to know how to write a dance resume to start on your career path. What to Include in a Creative Dancer Resume. For the creative resume template, you can drop the pretense of that “stuffy” professional attitude.

Allow yourself to have a little fun with your words and try to make your resume engaging. Remember to keep your resume focused on your skills and experience. How to Write a Dance Resume. Dancers are expressive and artistic. These qualities are great for dancers but can actually work against them when they write a resume.

A resume is more about form and function. It is literal and there is no room for creativity or expression. Dancers must write a resume because it enhances. Whether applying for summer intensives, scholarships, and college dance programs, or gearing up for company additions and commercial gigs, a dance resume provides casting directors, choreographers and teachers with the necessary information to gauge a dancer’s potential for dance programs and jobs.

Dance Resume Sample & Template Professional dancers must audition for jobs, but a stellar resume can help you stand out from the list of other applicants. Dancers typically work for dance companies and must learn complex dance movements with their instructors and fellow dancers before performing in a production.

As with a normal CV, your dance resume needs a header that outlines your personal information. This includes your full name, phone number, email and address.

Dance Spirit magazine also recommended that you include your date of .

Writing a dance resume template
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