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No additional sources cited. Visit this essay service - vivaessays. The paper discusses the problems facing women prisoners, and also describes why women end up in prison as well as Women in prison research paper characteristics. Prison riots and violence in prisons are nothing new. A change in inmate labor regulations has created a system wherein inmate labor is increasingly subcontracted for a variety of business sectors.

Mistreatments against women in prison Female inmates undergo a lot of evil in jails some of which the prison guards are able to control but are not willing to and others they are unable to control.

Women in Prison

Clear observes that people who go to prison "come disproportionately from a handful of neighborhoods, impoverished places where schools are bad, the labor market weak, and housing inadequate" p. Women are in prison due to various circumstances.

Spear observes that the "mentally disturbed, lacking support in the community, gravitate toward the prison system, where they will find little help"p. Smith and Hattery aptly refer to the prison system as the "prison industrial complex PIC ," and they argue that the capitalist economy and the prison system that characterizes the PIC create a symbiotic system.

Male correctional officers harass female inmates sexually directly by use of their physical force like rape or indirectly coerce into sexual favors like better personal hygiene products and avoidance of punishment.

To summarize, the prison population is mostly poor and uneducated, predominantly African American, and increasingly consisting of women, children, and the mentally disturbed; and the biggest cause of this increase are the changes in drug laws.

This essay goes on to reports some of the major riots, perspectives regarding causes, and how one state is reducing gang violence in prisons. California continued its trend for increasing the number of prisons into the early s. California governors of the s and s strongly encouraged more prison construction and helped set a national trend, while the California legislature enacted more than pieces of legislation that increased criminal penalties, and thereby ensured that the state would need even more prisons Simon,p.

Marlene died at 31, having spent more than half her life in prison and apparently without anyone looking to her background for clues to the behavior she exhibited either within or outside of prison.

Prisons only make money when the prison beds are occupied, and "the more prisons provide labor for corporations, the more prisons will be built.

They also point out that this numberrepresents more prisoners than the European Union had in prison for all crimes combined—and the EU had a larger population than the U.

Women In Prison

Further Insights The Prison Industrial Complex The private business sector benefits in various ways from increased incarcerations, and this should be examined more closely. Some who are offenders end up in jail as inmates after being subjected to punishment in judicial systems.

Bibliography lists 10 sources. The risk that women pose to public safety is lower compared to men.

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Although big companies pay prison workers much less than they pay for workers on the outside, they are not actually reducing the markup to the consumer; of course, they retain Women in most of the prisons undergo medical neglect.

As noted above, one of the biggest reasons for the increase is our harsh approach to nonviolent crimes—especially our punitive laws on drug distribution, sales, and use.

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The Problems Faced by Women in Prison This 9 page paper reviews two articles regarding problems that women in prison face. You are welcome to contact us with editing and proofreading requests though. Study finds men are more likely to develop physical illness than women September 9, Men were more likely to develop a physical illness than women during a year period studied by researchers at St.

There are also women who are in prison as suspects of crime against humanity for example violence against men they are in relationships with. This happens because most of the guards in prisons are men and to a great extent increases the imbalance of power between guards and inmates.

Women enter judicial systems because of less of their violent acts but more of drug or property related cases. Thus, we can expect much more tax money to go into Women in prison research paper burgeoning U. Discrimination of women on the basis of race is a common phenomenon where black women are mostly targeted in sexual abuse.

Corporations pay prisoners a subminimum wage between 23 cents and 1. Spear notes that the female prison population has also increased significantly and comments that this situation usually leaves their children with a family member or the children end up as wards of the state.

Spear notes that many of the prisoners who are there for drug offenses actually have no record of violent offenses; that there are other expanding groups in the prison population. The paper then makes a thorough analysis of the various ways that private business or corporations benefit from the prison system and examines the way in which crime has been politicized to the benefit of politicians and big business.

The rise of "tough-on-crime" laws has allowed far more juveniles to be tried in an adult court at much younger ages than previously, and according to the Sentencing Project, these adult sentences that are imposed on minors are "unduly severe. Broadly speaking, crime rates are about what they were inthough they have fluctuated dramatically over the year time span since then.

Spear and other researchers concur that a "get-tough" legal approach to the distribution and use of illicit drugs is the primary cause for the increase.Women Behind Bars - A Women Behind Bars research paper discusses the different races of women in prison, but focus on the African American women.

Youth Justice System - The youth justice system keeps minors separate from adult criminals. This 3 page research paper/essay discusses the differences between how women and men experience prison and the steps the government has taken to protect the genders while incarcerated. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

- Drugs in the Prison System This research paper will consist of an analysis of the use and abuse of illicit drugs within the prison systems on a global basis.

With information gathered from various sources such as the internet and one on one interviews with an inmate in a male correctional facility and a former inmate of a female correctional.

The paper begins by analyzing the demographics of the U.S. prison population and outlining the rise of the prison system as well as policies of expansion in various states.

The paper then makes a. WOMEN IN PRISON and CHILDREN OF IMPRISONED MOTHERS Preliminary research paper Rachel Taylor Introduction - Rachel Brett 1. View Women in Prison Research Papers on mi-centre.com for free.

Women in prison research paper
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