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The logic that she used to argue about happiness and satisfaction to me seemed flawed at first. When I tell my friend that I will not talk to him if he does not perform a certain task for me, I am diminishing his intrinsic motivation and the value attached to the act of my talking to him by the threat of omission.

Perhaps if a tribal is slowly made to migrate to a more urban setting and given the choices required, he might be able to make an appraisal. And for the brief period that I had with him when I was able to put this concept to action, I could perceive a visible change in him.

More often positive punishment than omission training. How do you measure happiness unless there is a transfer of the requisite behaviour from one setting to the other? The major question that flashed through my mind while I was reading the article was — how can she know what the animal wants?

It seems right at the first glance. If I have a daughter, she has a mother. I feel so special is the next entry in this blog. Using American political rhetoric, Hearne attempts to show the philosophical flaws in the agenda of those who seek to protect animal rights.

She lost me at her first step; she begins by comparing an orange with an apple. The possessive does not bind one of us while freeing the other; it cannot do that.

Perhaps because the basis of strong love was already there, he could assess that I would not harm him in any way. Sometimes even reaching out to our friends becomes an anathema. Creation of something new. But the question is, are they happier than us just because their lives are less complicated and hence by default, associated with less suffering?

Following the advice of a dear friend, I decided I had to be more earth than water, be steady rather than give in and bend. If I have a friend, she has a friend. True, this requires a lot of patience, but proper communication hardly involves punishment.

But the important detail about the kind of possessive pronoun that I have in mind is reciprocity: We believe that a parent-child relationship is obligatory rather than a choice.

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This part I had the chance to observe when I had to deal with my little cousin who was undergoing a certain phase of no moral stability. And this certainly is not a discourse on animals. In doing so, we concentrate on the set of animals in specific anthromes, involved in reciprocal relationships with human beings, with choices and preferences being extrapolated through behaviour.


He was responding to me more positively than ever. To me, that is philosophy. What do you mean by belonging? As Edmund Burke eloquently demonstrated in his treatise A Philosophical Enquiry, the removal of pain does not create happiness; happiness is NOT positive pain.

This seemed fascinating to me. Many of us go through our lives searching for precisely this and end up equating it to a kind of bondage, instead of acknowledging that with such possession comes a package of rights as well as responsibilities. It is to humanities benefit to protect the diversity and environment of all the planets inhabitants; we need not resort to either style of philosophy in order to tend our garden in a sensible manner.

While I encourage the reader to read the entire article, here I will be discussing my stream of thoughts and certain questions that originated while I was reading it as a direct consequence of having read it.

Originally published to visibledarkness. The point seems ill-conceived, and even more poorly argued. Perhaps not to the world, but to you. However, to give animals rights at the same level as humans seems equally false.

Find recent content on the main index or look in the archives to find all content. Relationships suffer when the involved persons believe that this possession is indeed slavery, without realizing that it is reciprocity and choice. Then it gets worse. The argument was ludicrous from the first opposition: I must clarify forthright that I am not an animal lover per se.

This is not applicable just to kids. To feel as if we are doing them a favor by training them to jump through hoops seems like thinly disguised despotism. I found this difficult to swallow, due to the inappropriate comparisons and faulty logic.column about animals for the Los Angeles Times, and she has written essays for many magazines, especially Harper's, where "What's Wrong with Animal Rights" originally appeared.

As an undergraduate she followed an interest in philosophy; her essays brim with allusion to Nietzsche, Wittgenstein, and the contemporary philosopher Stanley Cavell.

What's Wrong with Animal Rights Hearne, Vicki Harper's Magazine; Sep ;; ProQuest Central pg. Reproduced with permission of the copyright owner.

What’s wrong with animal rights

Further reproduction prohibited without permission. Reproduced with permission of the copyright owner. Further reproduction prohibited without permission. This essay was effective to the point that the author's personal experiences refute what a humane society considers animal rights.

The fact that the owner is the only individual who can truly define an animal's happiness proves her position. Vicki Hearne's Article What Is Wrong with Animal Rights PAGES 2. WORDS 1, View Full Essay. More essays like this: animal rights, animals, vicki hearne, what is wrong with animal rights.

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Feb 07,  · Some days back; I had the opportunity to read through an amazing essay by Vicki Hearne, titled What's Wrong With Animal Rights. While I encourage the reader to read the entire article, here I will be discussing my stream of thoughts and certain questions that originated while I was reading it as a direct consequence of having read it.

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