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Others thought he was working behind the scenes with the British to get himself made the Emperor of India. Granny advises him to keep away from who make him tread the wrong path. His efforts to get a little more privacy for the prisoners is scoffed at by the prison authorities, who let him off with a warning.

Waiting for the Mahatma

When Ghandi arrives, he decides that instead he wishes to stay in the home of a street sweeper. This produces great turmoil and debate but there is no going against the word of Ghandi, at least publically.

She recovers, people pour in at this miracle, and the police come looking in a couple of days. Waiting for the mahatma summary abandoned grandmother almost dies and then goes off to live her last years in Benares; and then Gandhi himself, devastated by the massacres and rapes of Partition, is assassinated on the last page of the novel.

He would be in the company of loneliness after all his cell-mates fell asleep. The one other person who embodies individual initiative and positive endeavour in the novel and he makes a fleeting Waiting for the mahatma summary turns out to be a British tea planter; and Narayan makes him come out very much on top in his encounter with Sriram.

After certain rituals are followed, and certain others, rejected by Sriram, the funeral pyre is lit, and then Granny moves her toe!

Short Summary of “Waiting for the Mahatma” by R. K. Narayan

He finds out from a jaggery merchant that the girl collected money in connection with the visit of Mahatma Gandhi. One of the very interesting things in the novel was seeing that not every one revered Ghandi even though everyone is supposed to. For example he told the Indians for them to become independent with their hearts full of bitterness to each other was worse than staying under the British.

During the course of transcriptions of the radio messages, Sriram even gets to hear the voice of the legendary Subhas Chandra Bose, but the message gets disturbed.

Since it is the donation girl who says it, his exit leads to an introductory conversation between them. It is love at first sight for him — he wants to know her age, caste, eligibility for marriage, etc but not her nameand puts eight annas in her box without even the rudimentary knowledge of the purpose of donation and thereafter sets upon the task of getting the details.

He overhears a conversation whereby the official interpreter of the meeting, Municipal Chairman, Natesh, is pointed to as one who runs with the hares and hunts with the hounds. They are known by the offenses they have been convicted of, and Sriram realizes that they had humanity in them in that they wondered why he derailed a train at the instance of one individual, especially when he had got no profit out of it!

He admires her confidence in facing a crowd. But it is in Waiting for the Mahatma that you find a franker ambivalence about that anti-colonial struggle and its impact on the Indian masses. He, like many members of the new and insecure colonial bourgeoisie, could not but feel a profound ambivalence about the mass movement against the British ambivalence never clearly expressed but always present in his writings.

He is arrested and spends years in jail, longing for Bharati. She is Bharati, often aggressive and stern in her behaviour; but, she tells him that she lost her father to the Non-Co-operation Movement inand her mother a little later, and that she was adopted by the local Sevak Sangh and actually christened by the Mahatma.

He was also afraid that Gandhiji may read his mind. Narayan Article shared by In Waiting for the MahatmaNarayan uses as background the Indian Freedom Movement, from which he, like so many other Indian writers of the time, had derived the basic nationalism that sense of place and time and some idea of who you are so necessary to the writing of realist fiction.

One gets an idea of how people flocked to see the Mahatma and how unassuming and normal he was amid all this.

He eventually learns to spin the wheel and gets appreciated by the Mahatma. Big news comes to Malgudi. Sriram then goes to the neighbourhood shop and gives a tenner to pay for coloured drinks and plantains worth four annas 25 np. Waiting for Mahatma centers on a young man named Sriram who lives with his grandmother.

Sriram gets a shock when he notices an impoverished village just twenty miles from Malgudi but he adjusts himself to it, if only to be a team-mate of his beloved.

In fact, Gandhi alone emerges as the active, self-aware Indian in the novel, struggling and failing to awaken an intellectually and emotionally torpid colonial society, a society made up overwhelmingly of people who have surrendered all individual and conscious choice, and are led instead by decayed custom and herd impulses, in whose dull, marginal lives Gandhi comes as yet another kind of periodic distraction.

Sriram goes to his home in the dead of the night, in disguise, but his voice betrays him and the neighbourhood shopkeeper recognizes him.

If only to keep her company, Sriram agrees to meet Gandhiji the following morning. The shopkeeper, Kanni, makes a reference of some ancestral debt which is unknown to Sriram till then and sets off the remainder as the repayment towards Singaporean cheroots his grandpa ordered and smoked while he was alive.

Now to meet Bharati he has to shave off his head and grow a dropping moustache like a Mongol. While growing the moustache, he indulges in various seditious acts, which he begins to enjoy, if only as a source of relief from his lonely and isolated life. Sriram quickly adjusts to jail life.Summary of the novel In Waiting for the Mahatma, R.K Narayan manages to combine the magic of Malgudi with the heady atmosphere of the Indian freedom movement and what results is a truly novel novel (pun intended).

Waiting for the Mahatma has 1, ratings and 76 reviews. Sidharth said: Despite being a devoted follower of Gandhi, Sriram understands very little of Ga /5. Waiting for the Mahatma is a novel by R. K. Narayan. Plot summary. Sriram is a high school graduate who lives with his grandmother in Malgudi, the fictional Southern Indian town in which much of Narayan's fiction takes place.

Sriram is Author: R. K. Narayan. Waiting For The Mahatma Summary. Waiting For Mahatma Sriram is a high school graduate who lives with his grandmother in Malgudi, the fictional Southern Indian town in which much of Narayan's fiction takes place. Sriram is attracted to Bharati.

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Sriram is twenty. As a mark of his coming of age his grandmother allows his the pass-book to his savigns in the local bank/5(11). May 06,  · This is not one of wait to see the emancipation of one’s lot, rather it is of how a selfish individual waits for the Mahatma’s .

Waiting for the mahatma summary
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