The three different types of ielts essay question

If you have more points, it will be 5. Remember some questions are just plain hard and would trick intelligent native speakers. Umar Muzaffar December 9, at You may not believe this, but all my essays are at least band score 8.

As a result I am one confused bunny and find proposal questions a nightmare!! I will give the exam about 45 days later. What are the advantages and disadvantages of making school compulsory until the age of 18?

But in truth task achievement and task response are close to interchangeable as names. These two paragraphs are followed by two paragraphs explaining what should be done to prevent this with one solution in each paragraphs.

You score is dependent on how good your grammar and vocabulary is and how well you answer the question. It depends in what is in your head! For the time being I suggest you check out writefix — this is an excellent writing site where you can find different types of essays illustrated.

Next Steps Looking for some sample questions?

The three different types of IELTS essay question

Would you like me to check your essay and tell you how to improve? It is a skill worth practising. The two most important things that lead to someone being satisfied at work are being treated with respect by managers and being compensated fairly.

On reading, yes time can be a problem. Anonymous October 25, at 7: They all look at essays. What do you suggest? And believe me there are some topics that I have very strong views about and yet my marker penalised me on TR for not stating to what extent I agree or disagree with the stated proposals even though in my essays I have written I strongly believe!!

I am confused about the types of writing. Michelle Yong February 28, at 4: Thank you and awaiting for your reply Dominic Cole December 9, at 9: I have explained it well I guess with an introduction paragraph followed by two paragraphs emphasizing two reasons why people doing this with one reason in each paragraph.

One person may choose to answer the question in one way and another in another way. Good luck with the 7. It is an essential part of an essay. Have you answered my question?!! Discussion type 4 Many people argue that children should stay in school until the age of eighteen.

You should be prepared to write both 4 and 5 para essays. Thank you and awaiting for your reply Reply Dominic Cole December 8, at 8: Reply Dominic Cole February 22, at Reply Abeer Hasan August 11, at I would suggest you need to mention both sides of the argument in your conclusion.

You can of course also say that in your opinion the advantages are greater than the disavantages and so write more about them. The best way to keep up to date with more great posts like this and to access loads of practice exercises is to like us on Facebook.

I forgot to write a conclusion paragraph. Michelle shehr March 1, at IELTS Writing Task 2: four question types. Have a look through my task 2 lessons to see how I describe and answer the different essay types.

Posted by: Simon | Thursday, June 28, Of course, i am being taught IELTS strategies by a teacher in my town. She taught that there are 4 types at task2 on ielts writing. IELTS Writing: The 3 Essay Types Be prepared for any essay on the IELTS exam by knowing what to expect.

Whether it’s an opinion essay, a comparative, or a descriptive essay, your approach will need to match the task. IELTS Reading Question Types: Information & Tips. December 23, by Liz Comments. In IELTS Reading, there are 14 different types of questions that you can be given. In IELTS reading, you will have only one hour to read 3 passages and answer 40 questions.

Hi, the passage contains three question part. Match the heading, answer.

IELTS Reading Question Types: Information & Tips

How to identify the different types of IELTS Writing task 2 questions, Discussion essay, opinion essay, advantage disadvantage essay, problem solution IELTS.

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Different Types of IELTS Essays

Preparation for the IELTS Exam. Free tips, advice and lessons for IELTS writing, speaking, listening and reading.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Essay Structures

Menu. Home; Two part or double question essay. The first rule of IELTS essays is to answer the question. One problem in doing that is there are different types of IELTS essay questions each of which poses its own problems.

In this post, I talk you through the three main types of essay questions and show you how to identify them and what. The table below summarises the three different types of essays you will likely encounter in the IELTS exam. In order to understand each one more fully you should go to the page for each type of essay which are: Opinion [argument] Essay, Both Sides + Opinion Essay, Two Question Essay Opinion (Argument) Essay.

The three different types of ielts essay question
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