The rise of cocaine use in africa and europe

Experts and health officials agree that Senegal should do more to crack down on the drug trade.

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According to the United Nationsthere was an increase of cocaine trafficking through Venezuela since There were certain hotels I was advised not to stay in. Sentencing may include lengthy periods of incarceration, flogging and even the death penalty in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and elsewhere.

The majority of crime is concerned The rise of cocaine use in africa and europe drug use or possession. African cocaine use rises along smuggling routes David Lewis 3 Min Read DAKAR Reuters - West Africans are consuming more of the drugs trafficked between South America and Europe, raising the specter of rising crime and health problems in already unstable states, experts said.

Like us on Facebook. The warnings came during a meeting of seven West African governments who, backed by the United Nations, France and Spain, are seeking to implement declarations of intent to curb trafficking. As a result, by the number of Chinese opium-addicts had grown to between four and twelve million.

But it is a difficult thing to stop smoking pedra. Spain and the Netherlands had the majority of reports of treatment. We need smarter approaches to drugs including ending the criminalisation of people who use illicit substances and law enforcement practices that reduce harms not increase them.

InSight Crime Analysis One of the most interesting trends highlighted by the report is that traffickers prefer to transit through the Caribbean rather than Central America on their way to Europe.

The first time Omar took heroin was in France during the s. Most people cannot afford a bus fare, never mind a four-wheel drive. One rusty ship patrols a coastline of km, and an archipelago of 82 islands. Drug seizures The UN watchdog also warned that opium production in Afghanistan could surge again this year, saying efforts to stamp out production were being hampered by persistent lawlessness.

Coverage of European Organized Crime The EMCDDA expressed increasing concern over the use of existing trafficking routes for other drugs to move cocaine, including cannabis corridors in Morocco and Algeria and heroin corridors in Tanzania. The apparent escalation of illegal trafficking through the Caribbean is described as a possible result of recent crackdowns in Mexico and Central America.

Drug use in the EU Cocaine is the most commonly used illicit stimulant in Europe. From Venezuela, criminal groups use both flights and maritime routes — capitalizing on the busy traffic off the Venezuelan coast — to send the drugs to Europe.

A year-old man who told his story said addicts rarely keep to a single type of drug. Successive crises, two wars and economic collapse brought Vieira back inwith a purge of the army and deceptive stability.

Spain and Portugal are the main points of entry into Europe. Once on the other side of the Atlantic, cocaine continues its journey by sea, land or air, principally to western or southern Europe. The police have few cars, no petrol, no radios, handcuffs or phones. Even though one recent raid in Guinea-Bissau netted kg of cocaine, the traffickers were thought to have still made off with a further two tonnes.

Cannabis is still the most commonly used illicit drug in Europe, but the agency says there are signs of its popularity waning among the young. They and their local hired help flaunt their liberty to operate - and the money they make from doing so.

In30, people entered treatment for the first time for problems with the drug, more than a fifth more than in Just please, bring the evidence. A ship can drop anchor in waters completely unmonitored, while fleets of smaller craft take the contraband ashore.

According to the UNODC, demand for cocaine is sharply up among better off people in Europe, despite record seizures of the drug and a trend showing a slight decline in global consumption in recent years.

UN: Drug trafficking on the rise in West Africa

Share via Email Police officer Sadio Corobo, left, walks past prisoners housed in the basement of a crumbling colonial villa in Bissau, Guinea-Bissau. Too many professional, educated Europeans use cocaine, often denying their addiction Antonio Maria Costa, UNODC executive director UNODC executive director Antonio Maria Costa said it was up to richer countries to help the developing world fight the drugs problem - either by assisting in drug enforcement or by offering South American coca farmers the investments they need to switch to legal crops.

Such is the case in Peru, where Mexican traffickers reportedly control Pacific drug routes to Europe. More than 88 million adults in Europe are estimated to have tried illicit drugs at some point in their lives.

Purity of cocaine in Europe at highest level in decade, report finds

Still, it appears that the Caribbean route is more significant for Europe-bound cargo, as Central America remains the main trafficking corridor for northbound narcotics. Middle-class cocaine users are guilty of causing harm — as are most people Julian Baggini Read more The report pointed to a recent study of drug residues found in municipal wastewater, which revealed that there was an increase in cocaine traces found between and in 26 out of the 31 cities examined over that period.

Check the Creative Commons website for more details of how to share our work, and please send us an email if you use an article.The report also warns of a continuing rise in cannabis use around the world.

Onus on the rich The US remains the world's largest single cocaine market, according to the report, with more than 40% of all users of the highly addictive drug based there. Cocaine is the most commonly used illicit stimulant drug in Europe, with an estimated million young adults between 15 and 34 having taken the drug in the last year.

The UK is one of only three countries reporting prevalence of cocaine use among young adults of 3% or more, the EMCDDA said.

UK city named as 'cocaine capital of Europe' for second year running

Users who once smoked cannabis now drop into drug dens known as “joints” to take hits of the harder stuff. Lagos addicts say they can buy “points” of crack cocaine for as little as naira, or just over a dollar. Intravenous drug use, almost unheard of in west Africa not long ago, is more frequent.

In an annual overview of drug trends across the continent, the EU drugs agency, the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), found that although the price of cocaine had remained stable, an increase in purity, first seen incontinued in Cocaine use is on the rise again across the EU, according to the bloc's drugs watchdog.

Increased and higher-quality supply from Latin American producers has contributed to the rise. Cocaine is the most widely used illegal stimulant drug in Europe, according to the European Drug Report by the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug.

New Report Offers Details on Cocaine Traffic to Europe

Feb 15,  · W. African cocaine use rises along smuggling routes experts said there was clear evidence of a rise in local use of cocaine and crack.

Cocaine 'resurgence' in EU as South America output rises: watchdog

may protect West Africa and Europe but I can tell you.

The rise of cocaine use in africa and europe
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