The expectations about your own work role as expressed in relevant standards

Also practitioners and staff members should not assume that their work place will automatically inform them about new developments, changes and updates which affect their work, practitioners must be prepared to be active in maintaining their own knowledge base and to ensure that their practice is in line with current thinking and new theories.

Keep is also a relevant way that ensures practitioners are kept to speed with standards as they are reviewed regularly and must reflect KEEP the key elements of effective practice Keep provides framework for the practitioners to understand what effective practice looks like, formulate their self-development plan and to reflect on their work.

Methods used for reflection are: Skills and commitment to develop the social aspects of life with the residents. To attend in-house training as organized by the Manager, including all mandatory training and by reading and following Polices and Procedures laid down by the Management Team and the Care Quality Commissions Standards.

Also in order for the practitioners to improve their work with children and their families they should consider to be sensitive and non-judgemental. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Co-ordinate the day-to-day disbursement of staff in order that all work is completed efficiently and to high standard. Have an understanding of the physical, social and mental needs of the residents.

To document in the daily reports care that is given or supervision required in order to maintain an accurate account of the well being of every Service User in the care home.

Serve meals either in the dining room and over see the junior members of staff in this service. Practitioners could this by incorporating an awareness of the needs to update their knowledge constantly into all of their work and activities by using resources such as the internet, journals, and libraries or other professional development, e.

Inspect the dining room prior to each mealtime to ensure that the tables are being laid correctly for the meal being served. Reflection means if when you are teaching and you notice something wrong you change it straight away, or for the next time. Help ensure that all junior members of staff contribute to the best of their ability to the efficient running of the home.

Children often challenge their own abilities but are not always able to recognise the risks involved. Assist in the promotion of mental and physical activity within the Home, encourage Service users to take part in organized activities or work with the Service user on an individual level by reading for them or writing letters.

Understand what is required for competence in own work role 1. To be a role model for other care staff, keeping up to date with the Policies and Procedures of the home, Health and Safety Legislation, Environmental Health issues, National Care Standards and abiding by the same at all times.

An ability to work within a team. As a practitioner it is important to reflect practice continuously to improve the quality of service provided.Explain expectations about own work role as expressed in relevant standards As a teaching assistant I can refer to various standards which explain the expectations in regard to my job role.

First of all I could refer to my job contract and job description for clear guidelines about my role/5(1). An ability to work within a team.

Explain Expectations About Own Work Role as Expressed in Relevant Standards

Explain expectations about own role as expressed in relevant standards. In my role as a senior carer I am expected to follow the homes policies and procedures and CQC (Care Quality Commission) standards.

(2 Explain expectations about own work role as expressed in relevant standards?

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The expectation of my work role is to understand my job description % in order to carry out the best care for service users this will show my competence to the job role not only that i understand how to do the job but understanding why i do it and the theory side of the job.

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The expectations about your own work role as expressed in relevant standards
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