The controversial debate on whether graffiti should be legal or illegal

Why does the group not use this opportunity to showcase your graffiti? From this starting point, participants set themselves apart by developing their monikers into increasingly sophisticated forms. Regardless, it is still art that is becoming increasingly popular among the younger population.

Every few years the Macau government allows educational institutions to paint long strips of assigned walls as a means to promote social issues among the youth.

It is associated with vandalism and it brings up imagines of gangs and poverty, but in fact, many of the well-known artists come from the same origins. So we tend to look for things that add a little excitement in our lives. The LAPD suggests combating illegal graffiti by starting beautification projects to improve local communications, such as planting flowers and organizing trash cleanups.

In addition, graffiti tags have been used to send a message to society and to generate impact, just as Syko did with their lifeline picture.

Not a lot of thought goes into it. No longer were the subways viewed as Anarchy Underground where anything went because no one was around to police it.

When was the group formed? Hailing from Lahore, I remember going back there in the summer and noticing that the streets looked more colorful and vibrant in areas that I had otherwise never really payed attention to. Street Art or Vandalism?

The Graffiti Debate: Glorifying art or vandalism?

Like a lifeline, there will be ups and downs. The battle between those two camps have waged ever since, although the graffiti artists, now given the more politically correct name of street artisthave slowly begun to win the battle. Mayor Bloomberg has said that any Banksy works on public property will be removed, and has kept his word.

When all you are doing is scribbling your name on something or just doing a lazy "tag" with just one colour badly painted onto the side of a train then graffiti is just an ugly mess. But the longer you look at it, the more complex it becomes.

As in New York, European youth from all backgrounds had a democratic outlet that provided a sense of purpose, community, and fun.

The artists have managed to beautify public spaces and show that the youth of Pakistan is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

In fairness, a huge share of graffiti is made up of profane images and words on public walls, and sometimes even on private property. A few years ago there were a group of people that were arrested for it.

Each of us are able to express ourselves in our own way and just concretise whatever is going on in our thoughts. Other artists, however, continue to thrive on the illegality of their work.

Without a doubt, it is full of creativity and, sometimes has a meaning or a story behind it. The old one is available online here in its entirety.

Perhaps the best way, then, to appreciate the impact street art had would be to talk about its problems as well as its artistic value. The themes of the art range from the history of Pakistan to current political issues, the art discusses education, culture of each province and of Pakistan as a whole.

So sometimes we find an easy-to-do symbol that relates to that and spray paint it somewhere. The way fancy old people enjoy expensive paintings is pretty much the same way anyone can enjoy a nice work of graffiti on the streets.

Graffiti: unappreciated art or corrupt vandalism?

Graffiti has it pros and cons but the pros outlay there cons in the situation most of time. Plus, few people like strangers drawing all over their property, why is it any different for public property??

For instance, a painter may insist on proper attribution of his painting, and in some instances may sue the owner of the physical painting for destroying the painting even if the owner of the painting lawfully owned it.

Does the group consider graffiti as an art? While many images are purely artistic, some graffiti contains profanity, advertises drug trafficking or expresses prejudiced ideals, Graffiti Hurts states. In other cases, individuals feed their egos by selfishly tagging their names on any surface that catches their attention.

For many students, this was an engaging way to develop involvement. This event started in and I myself can feel the shift that it has brought to the cities it has touched.Jun 19,  · No however, I don't believe graffiti should be legal, it's costly to remove and in 99% of cases it's subhuman drivel illegibly scrawled by an idiot.

'Gaz fingered Trace ere ' is not going to educate archaeologists in 3 century's time.

Street Art or Vandalism?

The debate over whether or not abortion should be a legal option continues to divide Americans long after the US Supreme Court’s decision on Roe v. Wade declared the procedure a “fundamental right” on Jan. 22, Graffiti Debate As part of a unit of work on 'Finding Your Voice' you may choose to hold a debate in class about graffiti.

The children get very involved in finding out about the pros and cons of graffiti and discuss to what extent it is art or just a mess. debate is taking place on street art next month at Tate Modern.

Under the title "Graffiti – Utopia or a bit boring?", two art critics will consider whether graffiti is "glorified vandalism or a legitimate cultural movement".

Why Is Graffiti Illegal?

Graffiti is a controversial topic all around the world when it comes to art. There is really no right or wrong answer about whether graffiti is illegal or legal because it is a type of art that people do to express themselves and it’s a type of speech.

Graffiti shouldn’t be illegal, its’ just a form of writing.

Youth and graffiti: artist or vandal?

Great amazing writing. Graffiti isn’t bad the only reason why people view it as bad is because of .

The controversial debate on whether graffiti should be legal or illegal
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