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Authors and works cited in the Symposium[ edit ]. Plato did not welcome democracy at all and he had many reasons for that. This theory, Arieti has found, reveals how much each of the speakers of the Symposium resembles the god, Eros, that they each are describing.

It will be a competition of speeches to be judged by Dionysus. So the character, Alcibiades, who was the deciding factor in the debate in The Frogs, becomes the judge in the Symposium, and he now rules in favor of Socrates, who had been attacked by Aristophanes in The Frogs.

In the Symposium the dialectic exists among the speeches: Agathon speech begins a: When he wakes up the next morning Socrates is still talking and debating. Do such modern concepts of "homosexual" or "heterosexual" apply here?

Agathon[ edit ] His speech may be regarded as self-consciously poetic and rhetorical, composed in the way of the sophists, [22] gently mocked by Socrates. Love itself is not wise or beautiful, but is the desire for those things.

If so, what to make of the role of Diotima, clearly, the most important speaker whether or not Socrates is making her up and, significantly, a woman sage? I Symposium plato essay questions had to do whatever he told me. Rather, it connects someone who desires something with the thing they desire.

Rather, Love is that desire which finds itself in the absence of all these praiseworthy qualities. Arieti suggests that it should be studied more as a drama, with a focus on character and actions, and less as an exploration of philosophical ideas.

No surprise, Aristophanes concocts a perfectly ludicrous, yet very important and, perhaps, revealing, myth of a race of composite sphere-people: Even Achilleswho was the beloved of Patroclussacrificed himself to avenge his lover, and Alcestis was willing to die for her husband Admetus.

Love is expressed through propagation and reproduction: Socrates presents love from the perspective of the lover, which is significant, as he is an older man who spends a great deal of time associating with, and sharing wisdom with, handsome youths. Hamilton remarks that Plato takes care to portray Alcibiades and Socrates and their relationship in a way that makes it clear that Socrates had not been a bad influence on Alcibiades.

Eros same word the god personifies love Pausanias talks about two kinds of eros: The base lover is in search of sexual gratification, and his objects are women and boys.

He tells a story he once told to Glaucon and which he was told by Aristodemus. He is accused of impiety and corruption of youth, defends himself but accepts the ruling of death from the court, then stays in prison and dies.

What is the purpose of all these complex framing devices? Before starting his speech, Aristophanes warns the group that his eulogy to love may be more absurd than funny. He begins by explaining that people must understand human nature before they can interpret the origins of love and how it affects their own times.

Most important are the love speeches guests were required to deliver. He also implies that love creates justice, moderation, courage, and wisdom. With dialogue, Socrates is renowned for his dialectic, which is his ability to ask questions that encourage others to think deeply about what they care about, and articulate their ideas.

Aristodemus, as quoted-paraphrased by Apollodorus, thus summarizes goings-on that he was witness to.

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When they are done eating, Eryximachus takes the suggestion made by Phaedrus, that they should all make a speech in praise of Eros, the god of love and desire. Aristophanes then claims that when two people who were separated from each other find each other, they never again want to be separated c.Essay on plato: free examples of essays, research and term papers.

Examples of plato essay topics, questions and thesis satatements. Plato’s The Symposium Plato’s Symposium is a philosophical tome written by him. The book details the various intricacies of love including its nature and its place in society, its very purpose. Free Essay: Plato's Symposium In the Symposium, Plato gives us one of the most close-up and personal pictures of Socrates we have.

Socrates himself never. Plato Symposium Essay; Plato Symposium Essay. Critism in Plato. Words | 11 Pages. this question. "As his position takes form in the Republic, Plato claims that only a very few individuals are capable of understanding how human life is to be lived.


Plato wrote many works asking questions about terms such as justice, piety, and. The Symposium; Study Questions; The Symposium by: Plato Summary. Overall Summary; Context; Overall Analysis and Themes One is that these framing devices serve to show the great level of general interest in the symposium.

Years after the fact, people are still talking about it and wanting to hear about it. Plato wants to make clear that. Symposium study guide contains a biography of Plato, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

Symposium plato essay questions
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