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Prior to that, he studied in his home town of Hamburg and, after completing his dissertation at Innsbruck, he transferred to the Institute of Atomic and Subatomic Physics at TU Wien in Our understanding of the Big Bang is based on the assumption that equal amounts of antimatter and matter were created.

This symmetry does not apply exactly in our universe though — it is very slightly violated. A wavelength region between and nm was probed 5.

And the best way to do this is Simon stellmer thesis investigating tiny elementary particles. This study complements earlier work in the group of Eric Hudson at UCLA, where a parameter region of similar energy, but longer lifetime was excluded.

Congratulations to Lars, his supervisor Peter G. But matter and antimatter cancel each other out. This conference is one of the global gathering of researchers involved with the measurement and distribution of time and frequencies; the conference webpage can be found here. In this case, CP symmetry determines that the laws of physics would not change if you mirrored the space and swapped the positive and negative charges at the same time.

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Scientists have tried again and again to measure this, in electrons, neutrons, and in atoms too, but to date no one has succeeded in identifying a violation of the symmetry — particles appear to be perfect spheres, even when you look at them in extreme close-up.

To date there has been no conclusive answer to this question.

Aside from pretty much all the nuClock members, a large crowd of external guests joined the meeting: Assuming radiative decay as the only decay channel, an isomer lifetime between 0. In a universe where there is a perfect balance between particles and antiparticles, matter and antimatter should have destroyed one another a long time ago.

New ERC grant – using mercury to explain the universe

The electrical charges of elementary particles are not distributed entirely symmetrically but are slightly skewed in one direction — this is known as an electric dipole moment.

In a measurement campaign about a year ago, Th doped crystals were illuminated by tunable undulator radiation at the MLS facility.

The paper also investigates the properties of other candidates aside from Th to be used for a nuclear clock. Three different types of photocathodes were used Cs-Te, Cs-I, diamondwhere only the Cs-I version was capable of supressing the photoluminescence at longer wavelengths to a degree that allowed researchers to draw any conclusions on the energy and lifetime of the isomer.

The goal of the seminar is to discuss conceptually novel approaches to optical frequency standards and clocks. This experiment will involve mercury atoms and a series of quantum physics technologies. Hamburg, Innsbruck, Vienna Simon Stellmer knows the numerous technical tricks that are necessary for this like no other: The result of this study has now been made available on the arXiv preprint server find the publication here.

In short, massive photoluminescence masked any possible gamma emission of the isomer. For more information, please contact: Thirolf, and the whole team at LMU for this prestigious recognition! Simon Stellmer from the Institute of Atomic and Subatomic Physics at TU Wien now intends to use a sophisticated high-precision experiment to uncover the violation of this symmetry.

His research is supported by an ERC Starting Grant, one of the most substantial and prestigious research grants in Europe.

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Although not successful in this campaign, the results give direct input to the design and protocol of the next round of measurements.

The nuClock team seeks to attract more and more scientists into the field of research on Th, and to foster communication and synergies among all Thorium groups world-wide. Our intention is to achieve a significantly better degree of accuracy than was possible with the methods previously available.Simon Stellmer was born in Hamburg, Germany and majored in physics at the local university.

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The Thesis Prize is awarded by the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (IQOQI Innsbruck) and recognizes Graduates of PhD or Doctoral Studies from the University of Innsbruck that have excelled in the field of Quantum Physics.

Degenerate quantum gases of strontium dissertation by Simon Stellmer submitted to the Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics of the University of Innsbruck. Simon Stellmer knows the numerous technical tricks that are necessary for this like no other: while working on his dissertation at the University of Innsbruck he succeeded in creating the first Bose-Einstein condensate with ultracold strontium.

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Simon stellmer thesis
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