Should parents be responsible if their

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Should Parents Be Held Responsible for the Crimes of Their Children?

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Please seek the support of local resources as needed. Children have their own free will and will act on their own accord—and often in self-interest.

Parenting Responsibilities: 10 Things You Are (and Aren’t) Responsible for as a Parent

Even if the harm is accidental, the consequences can vary from minor to serious. It qualifies as a research paper type of assignment on our order placement list.Parents’ Responsibility for Their Children’s Actions by Janet Portman, Attorney In certain situations, parents will be held responsible for the actions of their children.

I do NOT think that the parent should be held responsible for what their kids do. The reason that i say that is because, some parents are very good and teach their kids at home and the kids decide not to listen to them and do their own thing.

There’s no logical way parents can control every aspect of their children’s lives.

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Here are ten things you are (and aren’t) responsible for as a parent. No parents should be held morally and legally responsible for the actions of their children. Parents should not be held legally responsible for their children's actions because if they always take their responsible for their children's actions.

Essay – Should Parents Be Held Legally Responsible For Their Children’s Acts.

They will get in trouble more often. They will also be more strict on there kids. If parents are given the freedom to correct their children in the way they think best, then they should be held responsible for their children’s actions.

They would also have to undergo punishment if the children are too young. Now, there are many parents who ignore their child, and they should be held responsible; but when a parent has tried, and been ignored, they should not be blamed.

The society and the medical professionals should answer for the problem.

Should parents be responsible if their
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