Narrative essay about classmate

All the people that helped me along the way were there to congratulate me.

OJT will generally help the students to increase their productivity and skills. Meanwhile my sister was holding on to me to help keep my balance. There was a clock above the doors that separated me from the council, and every time I looked at it, I could hear it stealing the precious time I needed to do last minute preparations, click after click after click.

I did not know what to think. The environment alone had me stressing.

Tips on Writing a Descriptive Essay

Once a topic is chosen, students should spend time thinking about the qualities they want to describe. To my surprise it was my stepmother crying on the other line. Telling The house was old. Will the reader be able to identify with the conclusion made? The important thing is to learn from the experience and take whatever feedback is given to make the next essay even better.

At the Customer Service I am under the supervision of Ms. In revising a descriptive essay, students should reread their work with these considerations in mind: It should make a clear point: Even though I had some doubt, my sister and I went outside and started to take the little wheels off my bike.

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The next step I remember, I was lying on the ground, yet I did not care because of the adrenaline rush.

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My heart was racing as tried to think of everything they could possibly ask in hopes of anticipating what was going to happen.

The topic sentence needs to be clear so the reader knows they are going to learn something from the story. Common Transitional expressions used in a narrative paragraph are after, finally, soon, as soon aslater, then, before, meanwhile, upon, during, next, when, first, now, and while.On the Job Training Narrative Report specifically for you.

for only $13 I and my classmate whom also may co-trainee were first introduced to the head officers and also to the other employees of the company then we’re given some brief information on how the company runs and what are the services they offer.

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Facebook 3 Twitter 0 Google+ 0 Viber WhatsApp. The Moment Of Success. When I was in grade school, music was not included in my list of interests or goals. On my fourth grade, my classmate.

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The introduction of a narrative essay is the paragraph that begins your story. In the introduction, you describe the setting, introduce the characters, and prepare your audience for the Discuss the Preview Questions with a classmate.

Then read the essay and answer the questions that follow. Preview Questions.

On the Job Training Narrative Report

my classmate essay. Uploaded by. Owi Bennington. Download with Google Download with Facebook or download with email. my classmate essay. Download. my classmate essay. Uploaded by. Owi Bennington. MY CLASSMATE When I look into the hills and valleys of my soul, I think I am very lucky because I have many friends.

“Friend” is. The narrative, or story, needs to make the reader feel involved, teach a lesson, help get an idea across, or feel emotionally about it. The narrative needs to explain who is in the story, tell what is happening, and when it happened.

Narrative essay about classmate
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