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Embargoes are set to expire two years from the date on which the Ph. If you have questions regarding the ProQuest publishing options, contact their Author and School Relations team at ext. This document provides detailed information on how to prepare the bound volume of your dissertation and the PDF.

The dissertation author owns the copyright to their dissertation regardless of copyright registration. One non-circulating, bound copy of each dissertation is held in the collection of the University Archives.

Where there are discrepancies with the Princeton University Archives Formatting Requirements, the Princeton University Archives requirements should be followed.

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Traditional without copyright registration: An embargo renewal must Mudd library thesis search requested in writing at least one month before the original embargo has expired, but may not be requested more than three months prior to the embargo expiration date.

Dissertation Submission Process Step 1 Near the time of the final public oral examination shortly before or immediately after the student must complete the online submission of their dissertation via the ProQuest UMI ETD Administrator website www. Dissertations that are not under embargo are available through Interlibrary Loan to libraries in the United States and Canada, either through hard copy or PDF.

Those who have been approved for the embargo can choose Traditional Publishing or Open Access Plus publishing when they complete their online submission to ProQuest.

No paperwork is required. For dissertations submitted prior to Septembera circulating, bound copy of each dissertation may also be available. If a student selects Traditional Publishing, and does do not register their copyright, no charges are incurred.

The options listed below will be fully explained in the ETD Administrator site. Publication, Access and Embargoing webpage.

Dissertations The Bound Copy: Members of the Princeton University community can access most dissertations through the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses subscription database, which is made available through the Princeton University Library.

Written confirmation of the embargo approval from the Graduate School must be presented in a hard copy email at Mudd library thesis search time of submission to the Mudd Manuscript Library.

Full Text database ; if you have an embargo, your dissertation will be unavailable for viewing or purchase through the subscription database during the embargo period. Publishing and copyright registration fees are payable by Visa, MasterCard or American Express and a small service tax may be added to the total.

If PDFs are available, they can be sent internationally. Registering your copyright makes a public record of your copyright claim and may entitle you to additional compensation should your copyright be infringed upon. Students in the sciences and engineering seeking patents or pursuing journal articles may be approved for a shorter embargo period.

ProQuest ETD Administrator Resources and Guidelines web page offers several guides to assist you in preparing your PDF, choosing publishing options, learning about copyright considerations and more.

One non-circulating, bound copy of each thesis is held in the collection of the University Archives. Cash is no longer accepted as payment. Please note, dissertations under embargo are not available in full text through he ProQuest Dissertations and Theses subscription database or for sale via ProQuest Dissertation Express during the embargo period.

The bound copy, however, will be available for viewing in the Mudd Manuscript Library reading room during the embargo. Students must apply for the embargo during the Advanced Degree Application process. This step will take roughly minutes and it must be complete before coming to the Mudd Manuscript Library to deposit the dissertation Step 2 Come to the Mudd Manuscript Library to deposit your dissertation.

Embargoes cannot be reinstituted after having expired. To find the exact date of an embargo expiration, individuals can find their dissertation in DataSpaceand view the box at the bottom of the record, which will indicate the embargo expiration date.

Formatting your Dissertation Princeton University Archives Dissertation Formatting Requirements this document is downloadable from the upper-right hand side of this webpage.

Dissertations will be freely available on the internet except during an embargo period. Dissertations are available for purchase through ProQuest Dissertation Express.

For additional information, contact the Mudd Manuscript Library ator mudd princeton. One circulating, bound copy of each thesis may also be available. If your dissertation is embargoed, the PDF will be completely restricted during the embargo period.Free Database Trial—ProQuest Central.

The Library is currently making available a trial of ProQuest Central, a multidisciplinary database which provides access to millions of full-text articles from thousands of scholarly journals.

It also provides access to information not often available in other databases, such as. The Mudd Library is the central repository for Princ eton Uni versity senior theses. The Senior Thesis Collection contains over 60, theses that were written by Princeton undergraduate students from to the present.

Dissertations in the University Library Currently, bound dissertations and theses through are located at the Oak Grove Library Center and must be requested at the Circulation Desk or using the r equesting through the NUsearch.

The Princeton University Archives at the Mudd Manuscript Library is the repository for Ph.D. dissertations and Master’s theses.

Master's Theses & Ph.D. Dissertations: Submission Guidelines

The Princeton University Archives partners with ProQuest to publish and distribute Princeton University. HMC’s Mathematics Department recommends that all theses be submitted to [email protected] in order to provide a record of the program and access to the research. The Math. To search for theses or dissertations from a specific academic department or by topic, do a keyword search in NUsearch by typing "nu dissertation" and the name of the department in which the dissertation was completed, as shown below.

Mudd library thesis search
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