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Conversely, from the study of Mintzberg idea, controlling focuses on maintaining good relationships with others and utilises a problem focused approach to evaluation and feedback Lamond, In the end of the day, it will process as an important document in the organization.

Efficiently in management is due to maximum output from the least amount of input; effectively is done the work activities completely to ensure the goals are achieved.

Besides, the manager plays the role of spokesperson by compile corporate information for release to press or public. Management theory and practice: As argued by Tsoukas as cited in LamondMintzberg was concerning with the directly observable ways of managers, while Fayol was dealing with specific management functions as necessary condition for the existence of these practices and as a basis of explaining the source of their characteristics.

The first term is planning, described as formulating idea and performance for goals to be accomplished. Each employee contribute one information or data, meanwhile the manager will collect and analyse the information or data. From the manager interviewed, there are many stakeholders such as employees, customers, business partners, media, and others.

On the Value of Management History. She is maintaining the website to ensure the news is up to date. Intrapersonal role is the role in which people and sense of duties symbolic in nature are involved.

Manager Role-Henry Mintzberg’s Management Roles

In Mintzberg assumption, he put the views that as manager engage in an activity, he should reckoned his job and understand why he does it as the broadest sense of responsibilities.

It is, indeed, Fayol and Mintzberg have two different view of presenting management. Based on the interview, it was found that the manager actually put into practice the skill introduced by Henry Mintzberg.

Throughout the development of management, there are classical theory of management and modern management theory. All managers have to act as a leader to attain the goals.

In this case, two important stakeholders chosen are employees and media. In electronic media, the manager will post all press articles on organization in the company website. Mintzberg stated that the actual work methods of managers differed quite drastically from popular images of managers as reflective, systematic planners spending considerable quiet time in their offices poring over formal reports Bartol et al, Instead, she has to plan and organize events to enhance relationship with business partners and customers.

Media plays an important role in helping the organization to achieve the goals. It is primarily concerned with the information process with the information aspects of managerial works.

Mintzberg’s Management Roles

Mintzberg,as cited in Robbins et al. Management Decision, 43 10pp. This shows how the manager captures the role of disturbance handler.

Fayol and Mintzberg Essay Sample

Back to the Future: Leader can be simply defined as the one who leads or directs the way. Overall, the manager interviewed has good social communication skills to communicate with the customers and business partners.

Managers, by Mintzberg, are comprised of intrapersonal role, informational role and decisional role.We will write a custom essay sample on Mintzberg and Management specifically for you In terms of contemporary management, Fayol and Mintzberg have contributed greatly to the understanding regarding the concept of management.

C.A.L. And Chatterjee, S.R.“Managerial work roles in Asia. An empirical study of Mintzberg’s role. Mintzberg’s Ten Management Roles () were specified into three categories: interpersonal roles (figurehead, leader, liaison); informational roles (monitor, disseminator, spokesperson); and decisional roles (entrepreneur, handler, allocator and negotiator).

Henri Mintzberg is known as the initiator of 3 significant roles in management. Mintzberg stated that the actual work methods of managers differed quite drastically from popular images of managers as reflective, systematic planners spending considerable quiet time in their offices poring over formal reports (Bartol et al, ).

In Mintzberg’s framework, a manager consists of 3 roles: informational roles, interpersonal roles, and decisional roles.

Throughout this essay, the structure will be first about discussion of Fayol and Mintzberg theories in management, then, their comparison and contrast relating functional and process approaches in describing managerial tasks. The role and importance of a vision statement is to describe where the organisation wants to be in the future.

An example would be, a natural water bottling company who wants to expand into flavoured water bottling, and the marketing and selling thereof. Conclusion The main objective of this essay is to understand the work of a manager in practice relates to Mintzberg’s management roles.

Based on the interview of a corporate affairs manager in a multinational organization, it was found that Mintzberg’s ten management roles are being applied in the organization.

Mintzberg management role essay
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