Market analysis in philippine paint industry

Increasing demand for consumer goods including washing machines and refrigerators in countries such as India, China, Vietnam, Philippines, and Thailand is expected to boost demand for powder coating in these applications. The coatings industry in the United States, Western Europe, and Japan is mature and generally correlates with the health of the economy, especially housing, construction, and transportation.

Sales of solvent-based paint and coatings are expected to continue falling in developed and emerging regions due to efforts to limit the emission of volatile organic compounds and use alternative formulations instead.

Similarly, industrial paints and coatings can be further classified into water-based, solvent-based, powder, and UV-based. Some of the futuristic applications are nanotubes Market analysis in philippine paint industry electrically conductive coatings and to increase the speed of reaction of thermosetting resins; organosilane dendrimer coatings; buckyball coatings for machine parts; and metals for conductive coatings in inks.

Request Advisory Paint is any liquid, liquefiable, or mastic composition which when applied to any object in a thin layer, turns or convert to solid film. Furthermore, surging demand for domestic appliances including washing machine, freezer cabinet, and microwave oven are expected to augment industry expansion.

The industry will continue to witness a shift from solvent-based to water-based coatings as manufacturers cut their product volatile organic compound VOC content in a bid to respect environmental standards, reports Freedonia. This is the case with cutting tool inserts, whose useful life is far superior to that of uncoated inserts, which has reduced the cost of cutting tool inserts and boosted productivity, reports BCC Research.

This is expected to propel the growth rate of paints and coatings industry in India between and Paints are available in many colors and types such as watercolor or artificial.

The global paints and coatings industry has moderate degree of competition; however, the industry is moving towards consolidation through large number of mergers and acquisitions taking place in the recent years.

Rising demand for household appliances in India, China, Vietnam, Philippines, and Thailand will create immense market potential over the next eight years. Coating is referred to a covering which is applied to the objects with the purpose of decorating or protecting the objects.

Recent research efforts have been focused primarily on functionalizing the particle surface of the nanoparticles to make them more compatible with the coating resin systems, so that easy dispersion, low viscosity, and covalent bonding between the particles and resins are achieved.

Technological advancements including minimization of costs are expected to drive the market growth over the forecast period. The coatings industry also uses a considerable quantity of nonpetrochemical feedstocks, such as pigments and additives, which are not very dependent on crude oil and gas prices.

On a value basis, it is likely that growth will be even higher as a result of increased production of relatively higher-valued coatings. Based on end-use, the paints and coatings market is segmented into three categories: Paints and coatings are mainly used to protect machines and equipment from rusting and corrosion in industries.

Paint and Coatings Industry Overview

Increasing levels of building construction and manufacturing activity will drive growth in the US coating market over coming years. Automotive coatings generally refer to cationic electrocoat and primer surface, which are both present in the OEM automotive coating. In addition, consumers are taking advantage of these products, coating auto engine components to lengthen engine life and improve performance.

Product label on drinks bottles where one side depicts the function of the product and other side has decorative coating in the form of word or images to make the bottles attractive is the best example in current era. The technology is limited mainly to highly specialized applications because of the high cost per unit volume needed to reduce the size of particles and the need to add surface modifiers to keep the particles from agglomerating.

The average size of nanoparticles is 10—70 nanometers, consisting of less than 6. Polyurethane generated revenue worth USD The number of coatings producers is large, but most are regional producers, with only 10 or so large multinationals.

Some of the major paints and coatings companies include AkzoNobel N. In Japan, however, consumption of coatings will experience relatively slow growth during this period, as a result of the lack of growth in major markets such as automotive OEM, machinery, and appliances. Application Insights Consumer goods dominated the global market accounting for Strong recovery in the construction sector and growth in residential building spending, led by the US but also in Japan and Western Europe, will fuel demand for architectural paint and furniture coatings.

Production and consumption are nearly identical in each country, as trade is limited to relatively small quantities of high-value product. Increased manufacturing activity will equally lead to greater demand for coatings necessary for the production of motor vehicles and other industrial maintenance applications.

The Chinese government has been inviting public-private partnerships in the recent years for several commercial construction projects in the country. However, there remains a large untapped market for all these consumer needs which is expected to grow by and boost the paints and coatings industry in the region.

Industrial paints and coatings are used by several industries, including machinery manufacturing, automotive, and consumer goods.

Coatings provide two primary functions—decoration and protection—that are of considerable economic importance. Asia Pacific was the largest market for paints and coatings in Demand for green-based chemicals continues to rise.

Paint and Coatings Market Research: Latest Industry Statistics & Trends

In developing countries of Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, construction of new residential and commercial buildings is at boom and is expected to increase in coming future. This decline in the construction industry was one of the key reasons for the declined growth rate of the paints and coatings industry in the region.

According to Housing Active, a U.A Profile of the Asia-Pacific Paint Industry - Edition This fully updated report provides market data for and forecasts forand gives an overview of the paint industry trends.

Get expert industry market research on Paint Manufacturing in the US. Industry market research reports, statistics, data, trends, forecasts and information.

Other products included in the industry are paint removers, pigment dispersions and brush cleaners. PEST and STEER analysis. Helps you understand market dynamics to give you a.

This Frost & Sullivan research service titled Strategic Analysis of the Paint and Coatings Market provides the size of the paint and coatings market for 14 major countries in the Asia Pacific. The trend analysis on the market sizing for each of the countries in Asia Pacific depends on the.

The Asia-Pacific region will continue to dominate the paint and coatings industry in terms of consumption. The region is also set to record the fastest growth, according to research from Freedonia.

Paint and Coatings Manufacturers

China and India will lead regional demand as Asia’s two largest markets, and exhibit the highest growth in the global coatings market.3/5(43).

Industry Insights. The global powder coatings market size was USD billion in and is expected to witness significant growth over the forecast period primarily owing to its various superior properties over conventional paints including high resistance to corrosion, high-quality finish, chipping and abrasion, durability, cost-effective, and.

The coatings industry in the United States, Western Europe, and Japan is mature and generally correlates with the health of the economy, especially housing, construction, and transportation. Overall demand from to will increase at average annual rates of 3% in the United States and 2% in Western Europe.

Market analysis in philippine paint industry
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