How to write audit reconsideration letter

Send 86C letter, advising the taxpayer of the transfer. The account should be reviewed to determine what function made the original assessment generating the reconsideration.

You can expect to hear from the IRS regarding your reconsideration request within about thirty days of submission.

This process is generally considered to be an informal process and therefore does not interfere with normal appeals procedures. If they have been reached through deficient logic and inaccurate information, you can well imagine that you will not be granted the audit reconsideration.

The taxpayer has found new documentation to present to the IRS that could potentially change the audit decision. References Letter Writing Guide: This will force you to be unemotional and logical in your approach.

To ensure expeditious handling, use a delivery service that provides tracking capability when sending information to the Area office.

Work the case using normal procedures.

How to File an IRS Audit Reconsideration Request

If the reconsideration is generated from an Appeals assessment and: Invalid referrals should be returned to referring area.

There was a computer error that assessed a faulty tax. A more foolproof way would be to hire someone who knows how to help you, like Community Tax.

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The writer must strike a tone that is confident without being indignant of the decision being appealed. The audit reconsideration is an excellent opportunity to make justice, but unfortunately, as you can see, the process is quite complicated and it can last for a really long time.

Continue by explaining the circumstances surrounding the appeal in a clear and concise manner. If no response is received by the 21st business day, forward the case to the applicable litigation contact via F Be concise and to the point. You will need to include a detailed, well written letterthat outlines the reason for the reconsideration request that summarizes the situation.

At the same time, the writer must craft logical arguments free from emotional appeal or hearsay in order to state their case. Be sure to include paragraph and enclosure for FormDisputed Issue Verification. The administrative file may have to be ordered when a SFR case is not on CEAS, IRP transcripts can not be secured, and the taxpayer has not supplied sufficient information to make a determination.

The tax return in question must already be filed. Form case referrals for audit reconsideration received from Collection revenue officers shall be screened and segregated by those cases with issues which are able to be examined by the campus CRU, and those cases with issues which will need to be transferred to an Area Office for resolution.

If response is not received, place another call. Consider Getting Help With Your Request As with many complicated tax issues, it is often extremely useful to get assistance from a reputable tax firm so that you can put your strongest case forward to the IRS. Routing procedures are outlined under IRM 4.

If a SBSE reconsideration, transfer to the campus responsible for the exam assessment. If the Reconsideration is generated from a different Campus assessment: Cases with issues that can be examined by campus CRU will be given priority, and will be started within 14 days of receipt of the referral in the campus CRU.

Address the recipient in a businesslike manner in the introduction.Closed case and claim mail should be forwarded to the appropriate Team at the Managers discretion, and worked following IRMCorrespondence or Return Received on Closed Examinations Not Meeting Audit Reconsideration Criteria.

Transition into the main body of the letter by listing the specific arguments that validate your request for reconsideration. Explain the arguments for. An audit reconsideration is defined by the Internal Revenue Manual (IRM) as: the process the IRS uses to reevaluate the results of a prior audit where additional tax was assessed and remains unpaid, or a tax credit was reversed.

Reasons for Reconsideration Internal Revenue Manual (IRM) Section describes the internal procedures the IRS must follow when evaluating a reconsideration request. Additional guidance is found in IRS PublicationWhat You Should Know About the Audit Reconsideration Process ().

To write a letter of reconsideration, remind the recipient who you are, and state the reason for your letter. Reiterate your case, and make a request for reconsideration.

Include an invitation to contact you for more information.

How to Write a Letter of Reconsideration

May 30,  · Can someone help me write a letter to the IRS regarding the doing an audit reconsideration? We were being audited on our taxes. I asked for a couple of extensions in getting them all of the paperwork they asked for and I finally sent them everything by certified mail in the middle of Resolved.

How to write audit reconsideration letter
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