How religion affects society

The acceptance of a living God who made heaven and earth - the Old Testament. Religion makes many positive outcomes for society and culture. To live means to be sensitive, to discover your potential and achieve to higher states of being. Desperate people sacrificed living animals, agricultural products and enemy soldiers as burnt offerings intended to appease dangerous gods.

In order to avoid being thrown into hell, religion demands that people prove to God that they are worthy of heaven.

And where a poor society had substantial support for two or more religions then fierce civil wars have often resulted. Charities for the poor are generally run by the rich. You can do a good search of this website, or of the web, below ; in this website or world-poverty.

Contact us by email: Various opinions from contributors: Be much more assertive in emphasizing the contribution of religion to the health of the nation and in resisting efforts to minimize religion in public discourse; Make clear to their congregations that they are contributing not only to their own welfare, but also to the well-being of the nation by their regular attendance at religious worship; Take special care of the religious formation of children, especially during the transition period from childhood to adolescence, when they are ost likely to lose their religious faith; Recognize that the church in the inner city, especially the black church, has a vital role to play in helping its people escape from the degrading culture of inner-city poverty; Popular Essays.

On the other hand, however, religion is teaching people to behave in the best ways possible — in a few words, to be perfect, just like angels. Grant Bids - Site Search at bottom - v Religions, whatever their form, can have major social impact in some societies - for good or for evil.

Believers might huddle together, anticipating martyrdom. The fear of hell is always in your mind, filling you with worry and anxiety, and this does not allow you to live spontaneously.

Religions generally have greater social impact in poorer societies, where they tend to be supported more strongly by the majority. And among religions with different churches some of them may be more extreme than others and some of them may be better at hiding their extremism.

The Negative Effects of Religion on Society

In the most conservative sects of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, women are seen as more virtuous if they let God manage their family planning. They are anchored to the Iron Age.

Religious Influence in Society

Such evidence indicates clearly that religious practice contributes significantly to the quality of American life.

For example, the cultural "norms" that I have at work are different from the "norms" when I am with my family. Sometimes their good intentions do actually achieve a lot of real good, sometimes a little good and sometime more harm than good.

We can debate whether prosperity and peace lead people to be less religious or vice versa. When this mentality persists, religion inspires personal piety without social responsibility.

Medical science has faced some of the most disgusting attacks from religious fanatics hiding behind facades of morality and righteousness. Faith is a virtue. However, I also have friends who do not have this same belief, thus, their cultures are not as affected by religion.

Zuckerman lined up evidence that the least religious societies also tend to be the most peaceful, prosperous and equitable, with public policies that help people How religion affects society flourish while decreasing both desperation and economic gluttony.

The Roman Empire was too large and diverse for Constantine to enforce conversion on the entire population, but when he decided to support Christianity he did so wholeheartedly, beginning a long process of persecuting the pagans and Jews.

So people prefer not to chose for themselves but to have others choose for them. The death of millions of Jews, Homosexuals, mentally disabled, cripples, and Romani- The holocaust What function does religion serve in society?

One main problem with charities is that they are often run by people who do not really understand the needs of those they are meant to help.

To stay strong, religion trains believers to practice self-deception, shut out contradictory evidence, and trust authorities rather than their own capacity to think. When simmering tensions erupt, societies fracture along sectarian fault lines.

Their work, tax free, gobbles up financial and human capital. Begin a new national debate to help renew the role of religion in American life; Ask the General Accounting Office GAO to review the evidence on the beneficial effects of religious practice in the relevant social science literature and report its findings to a national commission formed to promote the consideration of religious Fund federal experiments with school choice that ractice among U.

For instance, religion dictates the types of food we eat, how we dress and how we interact. Given this evidence, Congress should: Culture is simultaneously the cause of and product of, human experience and human behavior.

Structural problems can be ignored as long as the believer is kind to friends and family and generous to the tribal community of believers.So, religion affects culture by simply being religion.

Religion is a set of beliefs and culture is the rules or beliefs of a particular society. monicaeunice | Student. Religious Influence in Society. by L. Ron Hubbard. An early 20th-century philosopher spoke of the impending decline of the West.

What he failed to predict was that the West would export its culture to the rest of the world and thus grip the entire world in its death throes. Many people adhere to religion for the sake of their souls, but it turns out that regular participation in faith-based activities is good for the body and mind, too.

Here are some of the ways that. Religion has become a major feature in our nation and on the major news networks.

How Religion Affects Society

The issue of the mosque adjacent to the twin towers’ former location has certainly intensified feelings. A majority religion not only directly impacts more people, but is also likely to have substantial impact on government and on society values.

Generally it is the poorest societies that have the greatest proportion of the population supporting religion, though that may mean several religions rather than one religion. What if harming society is part of religion’s survival strategy?

Most British people think religion causes more harm than good according to a survey commissioned by the Huffington Post.

How religion affects society
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