How long should a dissertation literature review be

Writing a literature review Your dissertation is a substantial piece of written work that ideally should conform to a number of academic conventions. Organising your time Depending on the credit rating of the dissertation, the amount of time you devote to it should be equivalent to the time you would devote to a taught course with the same credit rating; that is, seminar and lecture time plus time for private study.

In some subject areas classic texts retain their authority for literally thousands of years; cutting edge scientific research will need to be more mindful of the dangers of consulting obsolete data.

Rather than simply a list of different writers in the field and their opinions, your literature review should give a clear idea of the whole field as it currently stands, describing different bodies of literature, providing varying standpoints on the important issues, and indicating where general opinions have recently changed or are currently being challenged.

In practice, this process will ensure that the review remains concisely tailored to the topic discussed. Breakdown of Literature Review. See the table below. Allow plenty of time for final revisions after your tutor has seen a complete draft. It demonstrates to whoever reads the dissertation that the author of the work has read widely and is aware of the range of debates that have taken place within the given field.

It [the dissertation] took up more of my time In terms of the organisation and presentation of your literature review, it is worth dividing your review into two main areas: Once you have a workable plan it is much easier to plan the work in sequence and to set yourself targets for the completion of the separate parts see the section on Getting started with the Dissertation.

It is the longest and second part of dissertation. It is a super crucial part of the research paper as it hosts the entire analysis and several research papers.

It is better to read something that is not central to your dissertation than miss something that might be an important and relevant contribution to the field.

Once you get into it, you have to out in the effort. This ensures that you have a literature review has a good flow of ideas and can be relied upon. You will also need to further divide the literature into specific areas relevant to your study for e.

Guide to undergraduate dissertations in the social sciences

Try and get a sense of the theoretical perspective of the author, this will be of use when you organise and present your literature review. Conclusion Technically, there is no fixed number of words that a dissertation literature review should be having.

You should NOT introduce any new literature at this stage. They saw it as such an important part of their degree that they wanted to put more into it: It helps to define the broad context of your study, placing your work within a well defined academic tradition.

It is a summary of the current writings in the field you are researching and into which your dissertation will eventually fit.How long should a dissertation be is a question many graduate students ask. While guidelines vary by department, here's how to find the answer.

You wouldn’t, for instance, have a literature review of pages and then a discussion section of 5 pages. You have to do some analysis and synthesis to get your information to fit, so that you.

It should be emphasised that the dissertation is entirely your own work. However, you may ask your supervisor to read in detail a draft of a portion of your dissertation.

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Writing a literature review. Your dissertation is a substantial piece of written work that ideally should conform to a number of academic conventions. One of the most important of these academic conventions is the literature review. Length of a master's thesis and its literature review?

How to Reference a Long Breakdown of a Mathematical Model from Another Thesis? 9. Should each substantive chapter of a thesis have its own literature review in addition to the main literature review chapter?

5. How long should it be? How long is a piece of string? Unless your School specifies the length, you can use the following as a rough guide: Around % of the whole thesis. OR. Your thesis is expected to be 60% your own work.

If your literature review is more than 40% of your thesis, it’s probably too long. A literature review for any dissertation should be certainly made up of more than one paragraph. Basically, it should be partitioned into various sections.

In the sections, be sure to include the previous research work or analysis.

How long should a dissertation literature review be
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