General david petraeus thesis on counterinsurgency

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What we implemented, what we crafted in Iraq can only be described as a comprehensive civil-military strategy and operational-level campaign plan.

I am not saying that it could have been a success forever regardless. Moving away from counterinsurgency principles, "they were occupiers, not builders. COIN is here to stay because insurgents are here to stay.

I think that those people that claim the Maoist insurgency is no longer valid should read those letters.

They do kidnapping, extortion, bribery, money laundering and a whole host of other illegal activities beyond those associated with the transport of illegal narcotics. Why must the war be protracted?

In recognition of the progress made against Al Qaeda Iraq, one of the major points would be "shifting the U. At worst, the existing model has been perpetuated at such high cost, that urgent revisionist thinking around the idea of counter-insurgency within the military institution may now be required.

The whole thing amounts to an endorsement of war-making on the cheap. Here he had far more limited success, and some would say no success at all. All forty-nine Republican Senators and twenty-two Democratic Senators voted in support. FM was an attempt to fill what was a genuinely doctrinal void, but the fact is, we should never forget that the biggest of the biggest ideas was put forward in FM 3.

This may be attributed to a number of causes. Many, many factors made Afghanistan different from Iraq. Similarly economic and rural development formed a key strategy as part of Rural Affairs development [10]. The civilian policy-makers are probably more bellicose than the military on a consistent basis.

Destroy the local insurgent political organization. The strategy in these cases is for the irregular combatant to weaken and destabilize the enemy to such a degree that victory is easy or assured for the regular forces. This is about understanding all aspects of the context in which you are operating, and then understanding the principles from the past, but applying them in a thoughtful manner to the specific situation one confronts in a specific place.

In an attempt to find lessons from the few cases of successful counterinsurgency, of which he lists two clear cases: We face a determined, adaptable, barbaric enemy. The State Department has been historically underfunded, in my view. Well, a lot can end up relying on the military as it was the case with the surge in Iraq.

What or who is it that inspires them? Importantly, the information campaign has to be conducted at a global, regional and local level — because modern insurgents draw upon global networks of sympathy, support, funding and recruitment. And we had these differences keenly in mind during the Afghan Surge.

On the other hand, if while fighting we maintain our forces, expand them, train our army and people, learn military tactics There are two very important components to determining ratio and that is intelligence analysis and campaign design.Jul 11,  · A further parallel: many years ago I wrote a Bachelor’s thesis on General David Petraeus’s ‘surge’ counterinsurgency campaign in Iraq that defied all expectations at the time and.


Reflections on the "Counterinsurgency Decade": Small Wars Journal Interview with General David H. Petraeus. Nov 12,  · Christopher Morris—VII for TIME. David Petraeus listens as President Obama addresses the nation on Afghanistan at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in New York on Dec.

1, Petraeus and the counterinsurgency he waged as George W. Bush’s top general in Iraq probably get too much credit for turning around that war. Was Counterinsurgency Worth It?

More U.S. Army Gen. David Petraeus, Commander of American forces in Iraq, testifies before the Senate Armed Services Committe on Capitol Hill April 8, in. Jan 28,  · The Petraeus doctrine General David Petraeus rewrote the book on counterinsurgency.

But will he have the troops -- and the time -- to complete the mission he's spent his career preparing for? FM on Counterinsurgency has been superseded by the final version of the document dated 15 DAVID H. PETRAEUS JAMES N.

MATTIS Lieutenant General, USA Lieutenant General, USMC Commander Commanding General.

General david petraeus thesis on counterinsurgency
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