Electricity problems in karachi

Soon after its inception the sincere and loyal politicians were removed from the main stream and only dummy agents and rubber stamps are put in place, while all the decisions are made outside Electricity problems in karachi country.

Capacity utilization in some key industries has fallen to nearly 50 percent. What a shame that it was not just more advanced countries like Canada, Malaysia and UAE that saw a major influx of Pakistani investors, but countries such as Bangladesh and Sri Lanka too.

The KESC may be a private, for-profit company but it also exists to provide a vital service to the city. Pakistan is a developing country and it has number of issues and problems. Cholera outbreaks have also been reported from flood-affected areas. Have lessons been learned? Bomb blasts and firings at public spots are resulting in great loss of human life.

Electricity Problem in Karachi

You Find this Article By: Dust fills the air in most of the roads all the time. A common man cannot-afford this costly transport. Even in some of the most important areas of the city there is virtually no water supply for two or three days. You must be visit on this page for getting latest updates regarding electricity problems and its solution.

Efforts here too have been sparse. Traffic jams, road quarrels, untidiness and damage of public property is also a result of this problem. Since the bulk of population is poor, and belongs to labour class, they are worst effected by the shortage of houses.

Karachi’s electricity problem

As our electricity supply relay upon the hydro power plants that is why rains directly affect the production of electricity, which leads to the load shedding in Pakistan. Pakistan is in the midst of one of the worst energy crises in its history. Ten years on, are we any closer to solving the issue?

Its population has increased rapidly and accordingly has given rise to many social problems. Majority of people in Karachi travel in buses and mini-buses. Mangla, Tarbella and Ghazi Brotha.

The work in factories, hospitals, offices and night colleges suffers because of frequent breakdown for hours. As mentioned before the people of Pakistan need to be trained to think positively about their surroundings.

Again, the traffic in Karachi is now beyond control. It has been told that Electricity deficit in the country has hit a staggering 3, MW that has resulted in load shedding upto more than six hours daily in various respective areas of the country. With vision and commitment, challenges can be turned into opportunities.

No value-engineering behind the projects is emerging.

Pakistan’s Energy Crisis

After clearing the debt of the IPPs, it was expected that they would be able to generate 1,MW in additional electricity, attenuating the shortfall that currently exceeds 6,MW.

The unions usually have political backing behind them, allowing them to operate with impunity, while there are some politicians who see this mess as a golden opportunity to re-nationalise KESC.

A host of problems surround the Karachites at every step. It is disturbing or whole life because electricity has become one of our basic need.

This alarming growth rate is causing immense pressure on head of the families who are to support them. From the last 10 years, extremism is increasing.

It is only through the concentrated efforts of each and every person, including the members of law-enforcing and administrative agencies, can we overcome these serious problems of the metropolis.

At the time of need electricity is not proper providing as a input to all the well worked organizations and therefore these organizations are not giving best production as a output.

The crisis has been cultivated by years of negligence and wrongdoing. Traffic rules are openly violated.Electricity in Pakistan (Urdu: بجلی ‎) is generated, transmitted, distributed, and retail supplied by two vertically integrated public sector utilities: Water and Power Development Authority for all of Pakistan (except Karachi), and the Karachi Electric (K-Electric) for the city of Karachi and its surrounding areas.

There are around 42 independent power producers. But the energy crisis can be resolved. Pakistan has the potential, capacity and opportunity to overcome this challenge.

Electricity problems in Karachi

Our existing power plants, currently underperforming for a wide range of administrative and technical reasons, need to run optimally. The menace of load shedding for 10 to 12 hours daily has once again arrived to haunt the public even in winter times while the care taker government has refused to accept any responsibility for the shortfall of electricity and has emphasized that it is not responsible for the rising inflation and the power crisis.

Feb 15,  · Karachi is the biggest city in Pakistan and also one of the most thickly populated cities in the world. Its population has increased rapidly and accordingly has given rise to many social problems.


People of this metropolis are becoming more and more concerned about solving these serious problems, some of which are discussed. View Electricity Problems Of Karachi from ADSDAD ASAS at Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi. Electricity Problems Of Karachi Author Ismail Akhtar Baloch ID:SPBS Submitted To Date Sir.

I would like to grab the attention of the concerned authorities regarding electricity problems in Karachi. Many areas of Karachi are suffering from this problem.

People are tired of this drama played by KESC.

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Electricity problems in karachi
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