California gold rush term paper

As Sutter had feared, his business plans were ruined after his workers left in search of gold, and squatters took over his land and stole his crops and cattle.

There was no civil legislature, executive or judicial body for the entire region. California goldfields red in the Sierra Nevada and northern California Advertisement about sailing to California, circa The Mexican—American War ended on February 3,although California was a de facto American possession before that.

These transitory items, held and read by the gold hunters, give as much meaning to the display as rare books and manuscripts. When one of the employees of Sutter paid golden sand in the shop, Brennan, an enterprising merchant, went to the sawmill and learned about the discovery.

As gold became harder to get, so California had to undergo changes. Polk has officially confirmed the news in his address to the U. An alternative was to sail to the Atlantic side of the Isthmus of Panamatake canoes and mules for a week through the jungle, and then on the Pacific side, wait for a ship sailing for San Francisco.

The following describes the one hundred plus items that comprise the display. Miners would divert streams sending smaller stream off to each side of a river, thus leaving river beds exposed and easier to see gold.

Some enterprising families set up boarding houses to accommodate the influx of men; in such cases, the women often brought in steady income while their husbands searched for gold.

His purpose of coming to California was to build his own private agricultural empire. Letters by those less well known, however, vividly tell us of the travel to California by land and sea and then the cold reality of the diggings and its hardships, loneliness, lawlessness, and disappointments.

In the foreground, a Native American gazes on the scene. Lopez and others began to search for other streambeds with gold deposits in the area. One other form of visual documentation emerged, photography namely in the form of the daguerreotype.

These printed sources, more than any single medium, spread the news and influenced would-be gold seekers. James Marshall lost his job all the workers left the sawmill in pursuit of goldhe also tried to mine the precious metal, but failed and ended his days a pauper.

California existed in the unusual condition of a region under military control. Miller Inone of the wealthiest people in California came over as an immigrant from Sweden; his name was John Sutter. Not all was seriousness when it came to looking for gold. They found several in the northeastern section of the forest, within present-day Ventura County.

Glass Even though Marshall was sure that he had found gold, he needed more proof, so Marshall to back some gold to Sutter. The most common way to safely mine gold was to use shallow metal pans, and mix soil from the riverbeds.

After the tests showed that it was gold, Sutter expressed dismay: While working on building a sawmill for John Sutter, Marshall and about 20 other men set out to find lumber near a river, however the glint of something completely different caught his eye.

Lithographs and wood engravings gave visual credence to the incredible news that poured out of California. This beautiful hand-colored lithograph depicts the Coloma Valley during the heyday of the Gold Rush.

California Gold Rush

He concluded his statement with the words:Research Paper on California Gold Rush December 9, writer Research Papers 0 The beginning of California gold rush dates back to January 24,when James Marshall, who built a sawmill for John Sutter (the man who in bought Fort Ross) on the American River in Coloma, California, found some nuggets.

Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. How to Cite this Page. MLA Citation: "California Gold Rush." - The California Gold Rush The California Gold Rush was the biggest and the richest of them all, but it was no different from any of those that followed in providing the majority of its.

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The California Gold Rush

Gold Rush; California Gold Rush. Introduction. The paper included news on passenger and ship arrivals, an account of crossing the Isthmus, and a letter from Major General Persifor F.

Smith concerning non U.S. citizens digging for gold in California and lands owned by the American government. Williams published one of the most. Research Paper on Gold Rush. By Lauren Bradshaw.

Research Paper on California Gold Rush

March 19, California also became a melting pot of cultures due to the fact that so many foreigners came to California during the gold rush. You can also order a custom essay, term paper, thesis. The California Gold Rush (–) began on January 24, The gold was also later sent by California banks to U.S.

national banks in exchange for national paper currency to be used in the booming California economy. Longer-term effects. California's name became indelibly connected with the Gold Rush, and fast success in a new world Location: Sierra Nevada and Northern California goldfields.

California gold rush term paper
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