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Between and the First Balkan War took place, in which the countries of Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and Montenegro allied themselves to fight against which country?

The sequence of events that produced it could have been broken at any time during the five weeks of diplomatic crisis that preceded the outbreak.

World War 1 and the Europe we left behind

The Habsburg empire of Austria-Hungary was coming apart, its patchwork of ethnicities and languages torn by nationalist passions. We tend to view as a hinge in a doorway leading from a benign, sunlit past to a cold, dark future.

Build up to War

At the outbreak of the First World War Italy did not join in, as the treaty only promised defensive help and Germany and Austria-Hungary had been the aggressors. Its author Norman Angell argued that the disruption of international credit which would inevitably come with war would either prevent it from breaking out or, if it did, bring it to a speedy end.

Bulgaria objected that some of the lands won were shared and it declared war on its former allies one month later. But for all the inequalities and latent strife, British working-class men marched off to fight for their country with much the same enthusiasm as their French and German counterparts, cheered on by the same loyal women.

The prevailing mood of Europe was nationalistic.

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Bulgaria lost this Second Balkan War, which only lasted for 6 weeks, and had to give up much of the land it had gained during the First Balkan War 9. That world may not have been as marvellous as memory painted it.

It seems to mark the end of a long sequence of progress and prosperity and the beginning of a new Dark Age. No one, not even the Germans, wanted one. At the outbreak of war, no woman had the vote. Had kings and statesmen, generals and diplomats taken a different path, not only would 10 million lives have been saved; in all likelihood, there would have been no Hitler, no Stalin, no Holocaust.

Before the war, all over the continent the public flocked to air shows to marvel at the new flying machines and the daredevils piloting them. An officer of the Russian Imperial Guard fretted over whether he should pack his full dress uniform to wear for the triumphant entry into Berlin, or leave it to be delivered by the next courier.

In the five years which preceded the First World War, arms-spending rose by how much? The First World War marked one of the great wrong turnings of history. What was the resulting alliance called? In this atmosphere of prosperity, stability and optimism, the arts flourished. Inherent in the spectacle was the sense of possibility, that the frontiers of existence were joyfully expanding.

Build up to War Build up to War looks at alliances and treaties. Worst of all was Russia, seething with chronic discontent and presided over by an apathetic and fatalistic Tsar.

Following the Napoleonic and Crimean Wars of the 19th century, treaties were signed in an attempt to maintain peace. As Professor Sir Michael Howard pointed out: Nationalism was a reflection of patriotism and in patriotism could not be easily imposed or faked.

When it started, each belligerent hoped that it would be brief and conclusive, redrawing boundaries and readjusting the scales of power — in its own favour, of course — and Europe could pick up where it left off. But was this really worth the lives of the millions who were to die in the conflict?

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Build up to ww i
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