Abnormal psychology syllabus research paper

Finally, I will try my best to provide students with a brief review prior to all quizzes to help focus your studying and learn the material well. In some cases, your grade will be subject to my best judgment e. Types of evaluations and related weights Type. Discuss the comorbidity of substance abuse.

Refer to the Student Code of Conduct. Acceptable forms of documentation include proof of errors of calculation e. As importantly, students can take on the role of teacher in presenting their projects to the seminar.

Understand how to use the DSM. Consult your Librarian for guidance or information on APA style. Criteria For this course, grading will be determined in the following manner: Students with disabilities and other needs should feel free to contact the instructor privately if there are services and adaptations which can be made to accommodate specific needs.


Understand the causes, symptoms and treatment of all major anxiety disorders, mood disorders and psychotic disorders. The following are among the forms of dishonesty, in a classroom of any type, for which sanctions may be applied: Directness in style, use of transitions, use of introductions and conclusions, and having good structure are some basic principles to good writing.

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Both, Literature and Popular media and films are a rich source of material addressing psychopathology and mental illness. Must be pages APA format and references. Discuss the role of the community in prevention and treatment of psychological disorders.

For literary works, there are plenty of choices, both classical and modern, and you may want to do a web-search for specifics.

Then, I would like students to write a paper that addresses a number of relevant themes including the following: Understand the symptoms, causes and treatment of pervasive developmental disorders. If you miss an exam, for ANY reason, that will be your "dropped" exam.

Exam material will include lecture notes power pointschapters, class discussion material and if applicable, video or film clips assigned. As with other assignments in this course, no late work will be accepted, so please plan accordingly. If you fail to adhere to the rules of academic honesty, you will receive a score of "0" for any assignment that is plagiarized.

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Due Dates and Late Penalties: Assignments Evaluation Each Module will be evaluated as 20 percent of the final grade. Delete these instructions once your coursework is entered. Enter the information into the appropriate columns on the table using the Tab key to move around.

Course competencies may be measured in a variety of ways including:Text: Abnormal Psychology, 13th Edition Ann M. Kring, Sheri L. Johnson, Gerald C. Davison, John M. Neale. Description This course and its syllabus are built around Abnormal Psychology by Ann M. Kring, Sheri L. Johnson, Gerald C.

Davison, John M.

Neale. You will be presented with all of the concepts, methods, and theories common. Session 1: Introductions, Review Syllabus, Course Objectives: LAP, Research Paper, APA Format, and Assignments What is Abnormal Psychology? Chapter 1: Abnormal Behavior in Historical Context; Psychological Terms and Vocabulary.

Final Grades I will determine final grade percentages by a weighted combination of scores on the exams, research papers, written assignments and class participation. These scores provide ample opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of abnormal psychology, and no extra credit assignments will be offered.

Abnormal Psychology Lab Syllabus ABNORMAL LAB SYLLABUS | PAGE 5 June 3: APA format, Literature reviews, & Introduction Section 1. Introduction to APA Format 2. Discuss Purposes of a Literature Review & complete a literature review in class 3. Writing a Research Paper: Introduction Section 4.

10/1 Discuss the methodologies and issues involved in research in abnormal psychology Examine threats to internal and external validity Describe the methodologies used to determine the rate of mental disorder in a population and the results of recent major epidemiological studies.

The goal of this course is provide students with an overview of abnormal psychology. Historical perspectives of mental illness will be presented.

The course will cover material on various psychological disorders, theories about their development; how disorders are diagnosed and assessed; their clinical course; and how they are treated.

Abnormal psychology syllabus research paper
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