A look at the effects of the expansion of the aztec empire on its downfall

No one is sure how he died. The indigenous peoples themselves may have wanted someone to blame as well. Cordobars reports on his return to Cuba prompted the Spanish governor there, Diego Velasquez, to send a larger force back to Mexico under the command of Hernan Cortes.

Cortes returns to the coast to defeat a rival Spanish army. The Spanish go to Tlaxcala and make an alliance with them.

The Spanish were no doubt anxious to justify the conquest of the empire. It was a highly structured society with a strict caste system; at the top were nobles, while at the bottom were serfs, indentured servants and slaves. To the Mexicas the latter represented Huitzilopochtlithe god of war. Read more about Cholula here.

To make matters worse Cortez wanted to show-off his military power to impress the Mexica ambassadors, so he organized a a horse race with artillery shots. It is estimated that million died. The second expedition was more successful, since the Spaniards that took sail had a more friendly contact with the natives and were gifted with masks adorned with gold and later gold pieces.

Typical Aztec crops included maize cornalong with beans, squashes, potatoes, tomatoes and avocadoes; they also supported themselves through fishing and hunting local animals such as rabbits, armadillos, snakes, coyotes and wild turkey. Just about every aspect of Moctezuma II has been open to controversy.

He felt afraid and sent further messages telling the Spanish that it would be impossible to receive them in Tenochtitlan and urged them to leave as soon as possible, along with sending more presents of gold and other treasures.

Cuauhtemoc, his young nephew, took over as emperor, and the Aztecs drove the Spaniards from the city. Of a total of 11 ships, he contributed 3. Cortes would have none of that, and went to fight them. Thanks to instability within the Aztec empire, Cortes was able to form alliances with other native peoples, notably the Tlascalans, who were then at war with Montezuma.

When they returned, the Aztec army quickly overwhelmed the Spanish, killing many and causing the rest to retreat.

So instead, he went further inland instead of away. Modern scholars sometimes call him Moctezuma II to differentiate him from the other emperor of the namebut in his time the number was not used.

Somebody was rewriting history, or maybe everybody was. The first expedition, whose mission was to get more slaves to take to Cuba failed, most of its men died after being attacked by Mayan natives in different locations of the Yucatan peninsula.

When the battle was over, the chaplain of the expedition performed the first Catholic mass in New Spain.The downfall of the Aztec civilization was the result of many factors, including their religion. Other factors included disease and the lack of loyalty among the people. When the Spaniard Hernan Cortes arrived in Mexico inhe was treated as an honored guest as opposed to an enemy.

The Aztecs.

Conquest of the Aztec Empire Part I

(13 August): The last Aztec emperor, Cuauhtémoc, surrenders to Cortes. For more fascinating information about the fall of the Aztec Empire, check out Aztecs and Conquistadores: The Spanish Invasion and the Collapse of the Aztec Empire by Dr. John Pohl, Charles Robinson and Adam Hook.

The Aztec Empire (the Mexica) The Aztec Empire, like any proper empire needed to expand in order to grow and survive. During the 15th century they had spread over vast territories, subjugating various peoples and making them tributary.

The Inca and the Aztec Empire's. STUDY. PLAY. Tenochtitlan. This island in Texcoco was the capitol of the Aztec empire.

What Led to the Downfall of the Aztec Civilization?

It showed the brilliance of the empire, but ultimately lead to its downfall. Textiles. Detailed and colorful designs made out of cotton or llama wool. Chinampas. Floating gardens.

Moctezuma II

The empire went through stages of expansion, and Ahuitzotl was the emperor in charge of the most recent one. He more than doubled the area of dominance. One of the great generals that fought his battles, however, was his nephew - Moctezuma.

Did the Expansion of the Aztec Empire Lead to Their Downfall?

The Fall of the Aztec Empire

The Aztec Indians originated from a place called Aztlan, somewhere in north or northwest Mexico. At that time the Aztecs were a small, nomadic tribe living in the border territory on the margins of civilized Mesoamerica/5(1).

A look at the effects of the expansion of the aztec empire on its downfall
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